Ana Ledesma-Olmedo

Ana Ledesma-Olmedo, Co-owner/co-founder, Svelte Tea & Co. raves:

“Molly at Molotov Ink. helped us so much at Svelte Tea & Co. with getting our new business and website launched! She added flair to our copy and caught the little slips that we missed. Personally, she was supportive and enthusiastic about our product, too. Professionally, having Molly on our team gave us a polish to our new business, and helped us look and feel like a top-tier corporation from day one.

I loved the fact that I basically explained to her the vision I had for our company, our website, including the ‘About Us,’ and what it was we wanted to get across to our clients and she did her magic. The next day she sent a draft for my partner and I to read over and we were both amazed at how well everything was put together. We loved her work and would gladly recommend her services. “

January 27, 2015

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