It’s Spring Cleaning Time

Your dream job

Great jobs are out there and it’s not too late to revamp your resume.

Wait! Don’t leave yet!

I can help. I’ll do the writing. You just continue to be your talented self and we’ll get you to your dream career.

Spring is still a great time to find a new job or to ask for that promotion. Dusting off your resume,  polishing up a list of your accomplishments and skills, is the first great step to qualifying for a promotion, changing from a stagnant career, or starting fresh.

Around this time each year, managers are getting ready for their own Summer breaks and need quality people on their teams to take the helm. Having a great resume can put you on the short-list of candidates for that dream job.

I can put you on that list like you deserve.

Why? Because you’ve worked hard all your life. You’ve mastered your job, earned respect for your talent, and you deserve to be equally compensated for everything you bring to work every day.

But you can’t live the life you’ve dreamed of if they don’t know what you can do. The best, and often only, way to show them your best qualities is a well-written resume that showcases why and how you’re the best at what you do.

You deserve it. Let me help.


And for those brave parents of teenagers, summer jobs are probably high on your list of hopes.


I can help with that, too.

Not having any work experience doesn’t mean someone hasn’t shown great abilities. By highlighting what a first-time job-seeker has already done–in life, in school, with their hobbies–and focusing on their inherent strengths and values, any teen can qualify for a great first job.

Bonus: Learning how to showcase their skills by documenting their successes is a confidence-enhancing career-builder that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. Don’t you wish you were taught that skill when you were first starting out?

That’s worth it right there.


Look, times have changed. Our parents’ and grandparents’ practice of merely listing past employment by date, accompanied by already-assumed requisite duties, for your resume will not help you. The old advice is just that…old.

So break out the dust pan, it’s Spring-cleaning time. Let’s brush off that old resume and polish it top-to-bottom. Update your (or your teen’s) resume for our times easily with my help.

You already shine. I’ll make you sparkle.

Molotov Ink

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