Most of Us Suck At It


You may not know about my amazing resume-writing skills. It’s true. I rock.

You probably didn’t know because marketing oneself is tough..and I suck at marketing myself; it feels self-indulgent and a little creepy sometimes. Most of us struggle with it. Also, like most of us, poor self-marketing isn’t at all indicative of our talents. We have talent, we just can’t seem to shout it to the world.

I do not suck, however, at marketing other people. It’s fun. Drawing out a person’s hidden talents and reminding them, or even pointing it out for the first time, that they really are as awesome as they may have suspected is a wonderful experience. Seeing a client’s pride in seeing their myriad, quantified personal achievements for the first time is truly gratifying.

Personally, though, I know how hard it is to boast when we often don’t feel comfortable doing it. As a result, it leads to writing a resume that only garners the attention of employers for jobs we have to take rather than grabbing the attention of those we want/those that are worthy of us.

It doesn’t seem proportionate; this one little document compared to the larger span of your life and career. But, it is that important. A well-developed resume is the key to opening the door to a successful, fulfilling future.

Fair or not, don’t take it lightly. This is your shot.

So, rethink submitting a list of nondescript histories to your dream job, hoping the resume-gods will fly your one resume of a thousand onto the hiring manager’s desk who magically intuits your potential.

Instead, refocus your energy in seeking that perfect path, honing the needed skills, and finding your fit. Let me focus my energy on writing for you a sparking resume that will showcase the best of your hard work, refined skills, and boundless potential that will have employers scrambling to meet you.

And there’s much to do; from revamping your old resume or creating a new one (including Applicant Tracking System-compliance and appeal), cover letters, and thank you notes to creating professional landing sites, LinkedIn account creation and updating, and even interview preparation. Don’t worry, though, that’s what I’m here for.

My rates are inexpensive, scalable, and hand-holding is always included. Let’s do this!

Molly “Molotov” Knop


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