One of the biggest struggles for someone starting out in life on their own is, well, how to do exactly that. Getting a job often requires having experience but getting experience usually comes from having a job.

There are very few quality entry-level jobs out there for people with no experience to put on a resume;  meaning no college education, no stellar extra-circulars, no uncle willing to hire you for a summer or two. Which is most people.

But that doesn’t mean people with no job experience don’t have experience to land a job.

That’s where a good resume writer can help. Everyone has experience that can be applied to a job. Everyone has talents and accomplishments. Everyone has done something they can boast they can do really well. It’s only a matter of drawing out those skills.

Because skills don’t always come with a paycheck. We do things every day that can translate into skills and experience to get a job. We do chores, we take care of our younger siblings, we achieve merit badges, we become the top scorer on our favorite game, we have hobbies that take patience. Many things we do on a daily basis (even if our family doesn’t agree with it or feel it’s a waste of time) have merit. It’s just a matter of discovering and valuing them.

The ironic part of having no experience because you can’t get a job to gain experience is only in the way you look at what “experience” means.

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